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MBH Mortgage Bank is committed to issue green mortgage bonds in accordance with international standards and to use the proceeds for green purposes and to present it in a transparent manner, while it continuously measures the non-financial effects of its operations, including direct and indirect environmental impacts.


  • Playing a decisive role in domestic mortgage-based refinancing and green mortgage bond issuance.
  • Development of the green mortgage bond market and supporting the development of "sustainable" mortgage lending products.

Green mortgage bond

We established our Green Mortgage Bond Framework in 2021, on the basis of which we are able issue green mortgage bonds with collaterals classified as green, thus play a role in the development of a low-emission society.

MBH Mortgage Bank issued green mortgage bonds first time in 2021, the related documents and quarterly reports are available on our website.

ESG goals

At MBH Mortgage Bank, we believe that our business and sustainability performance is largely determined by our corporate values. We have shaped our values in such a way that provides reliable guidance on our operations for both our employees and our business partners.

Our Bank pays special attention to ESG risks arising due to climate change, affecting its own operations and society. We are convinced that consciously developing our business activities, we contribute to lower climate risk and improving social well-being in the medium and long term.

Our public ESG strategy and annual Sustainability Reports present MBH Mortgage Bank’s sustainability goals and achieved results.