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International Relations

The Bank actively participates in the work streams of the statistical, legal and capital market groups of the Hungarian Banking Association and the European Mortgage Association / European Mortgage Bond Council (EMF - ECBC).

European Covered Bond Council (ECBC)

The European Covered Bond Council is the platform that brings together covered bond market participants including covered bond issuers, analysts, investment bankers, rating agencies and a wide range of other interested stakeholders.

The Council currently has over 120 members globally and it represents over 95% of covered bond issuers in the EU.

For years, the Bank has been actively participating in ECBC's statistical working group, in legal and capital market work, and contributes to the Hungarian chapter of the annual Factbook.

EEML membership and label

The Energy Efficient Mortgage Label (EEML) is a clear and transparent quality label for consumers, lenders and investors, aimed at identifying energy efficient mortgages (EEM) in lending institutions’ portfolios, which are intended to finance the purchase/construction and/or renovation with a focus on building energy performance.

The Bank was the first and so far the only Hungarian mortgage bank that received the European Energy Efficient Mortgage Label (EEML) in 2022. The rating was awarded based on objective criteria by an independent advisory board working alongside the European Mortgage Association in Brussels. The trademark further improves the bank's reputation, strengthens investor confidence, and supports its strategy, which focuses on renewing the domestic real estate portfolio.

EEMI membership

The most important target of the Energy Efficient Mortgages Initiative (EEMI) is an energy efficient mortgage ‘ecosystem’ intended to boost consumer demand for building energy renovation. Bringing together a wide range of relevant market players, including lenders, investors, SMEs and utilities, the EEMI is aligning strategies and actions through a new, innovative market mechanism.

The Bank was one of the first in Hungary to become a member of the Energy-Efficient Mortgage Lending Initiative.